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You're the Apple of My Eye by Slugbunny

You’re the Apple of My Eye

And they lived apple-y ever after!

We Were Mint to Be by Slugbunny

We Were Mint to Be

A relationship that’s sure to put a little pep(permint) in your step.

You Make My Heart Beet by Slugbunny

You Make My Heart Beet

This one’s sure to get your heart beeting faster.

Olive You by Slugbunny

Olive You

Branch out and love someone.

Lime Yours by Slugbunny

Lime Yours

Don’t be sour – lime yours!

It Takes Two to Mango by Slugbunny

It Takes Two to Mango

Exotic fruit for an exotic love!

You Look Radishing by Slugbunny

You Look Radishing

You look simply radishing!

You're Pearfect by Slugbunny

You’re Pearfect

You and I make the perfect pear.

I Love You Cherry Much by Slugbunny

I Love You Cherry Much

Life will never be the pits with love like this.

You're One in a Melon by Slugbunny

You’re One in a Melon

Your life will never be melon-cholic with a friend like this.

I Leek You a Lot by Slugbunny

I Leek You a Lot

It’s leekly this little guy will stay by your side forever.

You're a Peach by Slugbunny

You’re a Peach

Everything’s just peachy when you love this fruit!

You Are Berry Special by Slugbunny

You Are Berry Special

This little strawberry thinks you are berry special.

Happy Deathday by Slugbunny

Happy Deathday

You don’t look a day over 145!

Wine Forever

Donut Worry by Slugbunny

Donut Worry

Donut worry; be happy!

Citrus Love

Sweet, natural love.

Heart of a Cherry Picker by Slugbunny

Heart of a Cherry Picker

This design was cherry-picked just for you.

Love Jam by Slugbunny

Love Jam

Canned love, just like mama used to make.

Spew No Evil by Slugbunny

Spew No Evil

See no evil, hear no evil, spew no evil. That means you, broccoli. Buy it on Society6 or TeePublic. Save

Candy Corny by Slugbunny

Candy Corny

That’s one corny joke.

Sodapressing by Slugbunny


This soda bottle feels a little shaken up.