How It All Began

With a background in graphic communications, Caitey G. has always been interested in digital art. After gaining experience in pre-press, print operations, bindery and even web building, Caitey decided she wanted to take her love of design to the next level.

Enter: the 365 Creative Challenge.

Caitey knew that the only way she was going to improve her digital artwork was through practice. She challenged herself to start doing a drawing a day, and discovered something incredible: practice really does make perfect. (Or at least, better!) Illustrating became a bit easier, and creating more detailed artwork became a possibility.

What Happened Next

After sharing her creations with her friends and family for over a year, Caitey finally made her new endeavour official and developed the Slugbunny brand. Currently, she is taking a break from making new art and posting on social media.