Whale of a Time by Slugbunny

Whale of a Time

Whale, whale, whale, someone’s having fun!

The Grand Illusion by Slugbunny

The Grand Illusion

The progression of a magician’s tricks yields some interesting results.

Port Coquitlam Dykes I by Slugbunny

Port Coquitlam Dykes I

Vector art inspiration pulled from the gorgeous landscape surrounding the dykes in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Un-brella by Slugbunny


An umbrella has inverse effects on its surroundings.

You're the Apple of My Eye by Slugbunny

You’re the Apple of My Eye

And they lived apple-y ever after!

We Were Mint to Be by Slugbunny

We Were Mint to Be

A relationship that’s sure to put a little pep(permint) in your step.

Forest Spirit

A forest spirit plays tambourine for a rabbit.

You Make My Heart Beet by Slugbunny

You Make My Heart Beet

This one’s sure to get your heart beeting faster.