March 2016

Hawkward by Slugbunny


Well gosh, this is hawkward.

Crafty by Slugbunny


To the scrapbooker, the scissors are mightier than the sword!

Emutionally Unstable by Slugbunny

Emutionally Unstable

I went to the zoo once. It was a very emutional experience.

Clouds by Slugbunny


Every cloud has a blue lining!

Pyramid Scheme by Slugbunny

Pyramid Scheme

Two crafty pyramids devise a plan to get rich quick.

Lighten Up by Slugbunny

Lighten Up

Some bright advice.

Snowman's Best Friends by Slugbunny

Snowman’s Best Friends

Some hungry bunnies attempt a game of “got your nose” with a friendly snowman.

Enfield by Slugbunny


The curious enfield checks out a nearby hummingbird.

If I Fits I Sits by Slugbunny

If I Fits I Sits

Don’t argue with cat logic. Just, don’t.

Nature banner design by Slugbunny

City of Port Coquitlam 2016 Banner Contest

I’d love your help in getting this design shown in my community!

Cyclone by Slugbunny


Get swept off your feet with this abstract cyclone.