February 2016

#opusdailypractice artwork by Slugbunny

Opus Daily Practice 2016

This year I was pleased to participate in the Opus Daily Practice challenge. The goal: to practice creating art for 28 days in February.

Global Surveillance by Slugbunny

Global Surveillance

Global surveillance is truly a sight to behold.

Cthulhu by Slugbunny


Praise be our lord and saviour, Cthulhu.

Crazy Beluga by Slugbunny

Crazy Beluga

Crazy beluga in the deep blue sea, your eyes are wild and your tongue is free…

Snowturtle by Slugbunny


A turtle enjoys some winter fun with his new snowfriend.

Spew No Evil by Slugbunny

Spew No Evil

See no evil, hear no evil, spew no evil. That means you, broccoli. Buy it on Society6 or TeePublic. Save

This Is Unbearable by Slugbunny

This Is Unbearable

This bear can’t stand being in grizzly situations.

Candy Corny by Slugbunny

Candy Corny

That’s one corny joke.

Grey's Anatomy by Slugbunny

Grey’s Anatomy

Got an eye for typography? Well this typography has an eye for you.

Beast of Bladenboro by Slugbunny

Beast of Bladenboro

Vampire monster or not, the Beast of Bladenboro still abides by the creed of “If I fits, I sits”.

Jackalope by Slugbunny


Majestic and handsome, the jackalope is said to have a weakness for whiskey.

Roleplayer's Crest by Slugbunny

Roleplayer’s Crest

Finally, a crest for the RPG nerd at heart.

Sealife pattern by Slugbunny


Sea creatures of all shapes and sizes coexist in this aquatic pattern.

Sodapressing by Slugbunny


This soda bottle feels a little shaken up.