Whale of a Time by Slugbunny

Whale of a Time

Whale, whale, whale, someone’s having fun!

The Grand Illusion by Slugbunny

The Grand Illusion

The progression of a magician’s tricks yields some interesting results.

Port Coquitlam Dykes I by Slugbunny

Port Coquitlam Dykes I

Vector art inspiration pulled from the gorgeous landscape surrounding the dykes in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Un-brella by Slugbunny


An umbrella has inverse effects on its surroundings.

You're the Apple of My Eye by Slugbunny

You’re the Apple of My Eye

And they lived apple-y ever after!

We Were Mint to Be by Slugbunny

We Were Mint to Be

A relationship that’s sure to put a little pep(permint) in your step.

Forest Spirit

A forest spirit plays tambourine for a rabbit.

You Make My Heart Beet by Slugbunny

You Make My Heart Beet

This one’s sure to get your heart beeting faster.

Best Slugbunny Designs of 2016

Best Designs of 2016

What a wild year! 2016 was certainly busy for Slugbunny. I opened new shops on TeePublic and Curioos, refreshed my brand, had my first ever group art show,…

Olive You by Slugbunny

Olive You

Branch out and love someone.

Lime Yours by Slugbunny

Lime Yours

Don’t be sour – lime yours!

It Takes Two to Mango by Slugbunny

It Takes Two to Mango

Exotic fruit for an exotic love!

You Look Radishing by Slugbunny

You Look Radishing

You look simply radishing!

You're Pearfect by Slugbunny

You’re Pearfect

You and I make the perfect pear.

I Love You Cherry Much by Slugbunny

I Love You Cherry Much

Life will never be the pits with love like this.

You're One in a Melon by Slugbunny

You’re One in a Melon

Your life will never be melon-cholic with a friend like this.

I Leek You a Lot by Slugbunny

I Leek You a Lot

It’s leekly this little guy will stay by your side forever.

You're a Peach by Slugbunny

You’re a Peach

Everything’s just peachy when you love this fruit!

You Are Berry Special by Slugbunny

You Are Berry Special

This little strawberry thinks you are berry special.

Not Sure by Slugbunny

Not Sure

An Idiocracy-inspired name tag.

Turtle and snowman illustration by Slugbunny

Gift Ideas 2016

The holidays are upon us once again! Simplify your shopping with these collections of awesome gift ideas from Society6.

Delicate Branches

Cats, Cats, Cats by Slugbunny

Cats, Cats, Cats

Cats chase. Cats jump. Cats play. Cats stare at you, plotting their next move.

Ewe Are the Worst by Slugbunny

Ewe Are the Worst

This sheep thinks ewe are the worst.

Unicycle Unicorn by Slugbunny

Unicycle Unicorn

A juggling unicorn rides a unicycle under a rainbow. Any questions?

Winter Treasures 2016 at Port Moody Arts Centre

Winter Treasures 2016

I’m pleased to be one of the artists participating in the Port Moody Arts Centre’s annual display of holiday wonders — Winter Treasures!

Enchanted Icebergs

Pandamic by Slugbunny


It’s an unbearable pandamic of fur and cuteness!

Capture Coquitlam 2016 at Place des Arts

Capture Coquitlam 2016

This year I’m honoured to be participating in Capture Coquitlam at Place des Arts!

Art 4 Life 2016 at the Port Moody Arts Centre

Art 4 Life 2016

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m participating in Art 4 Life, an all-ages exhibition at the Port Moody Arts Centre.

Purrfect Dive by Slugbunny

Purrfect Dive

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and this cat’s going to meet them all.

Elephant of Surprise by Slugbunny

Elephant of Surprise

A bunny is about to get a big surprise from a playful elephant…

Itty-bitty Goblin Hoard by Slugbunny

Itty-bitty Goblin Hoard

These Level 20 goblins will defeat you with their Gaze of Cuteness!

Bee-utiful by Slugbunny


This little bumblebee is bee-utiful!

Ozma of Oz by Slugbunny

Ozma of Oz

All hail the true ruler of Oz!

Star Gazer by Slugbunny

Star Gazer

Join this bunny in his star-gazing journey!

Cherry Bob-omb by Slugbunny

Cherry Bob-omb

This Cherry Bob-omb is really wound up! BOOM.

Happy Deathday by Slugbunny

Happy Deathday

You don’t look a day over 145!

Wine Forever

Opus Daily Practice 2016 - Spring into Summer edition

Opus Daily Practice 2016 – Spring into Summer Edition

Back in February 2016 I participated in my first ever Opus Daily Practice challenge. Lasting 28 days, the challenge called for artists of all levels to practice making…

Off Air by Slugbunny

Off Air

We will now return to our regularly scheduled brainwashing.

Donut Worry by Slugbunny

Donut Worry

Donut worry; be happy!

Piggyback by Slugbunny


A pig takes his ham-some piglet for a ride.

Take Us to Your Tuna by Slugbunny

Take Us to Your Tuna

Feed us, pathetic human.

Citrus Love

Sweet, natural love.

Prints of "Jellyfish - Blue" and "Nature's Palette" by Slugbunny

Papergirl YVR 2016

I’m super pleased to announce my participation in this year’s Papergirl YVR exhibition!

Superstitions by Slugbunny


Facilitating year-round paranoia.

Pancube by Slugbunny


Finally, the perfect way to balance your right and left brain activity!

Heart of an Astronaut by Slugbunny

Heart of an Astronaut

Pluto will always have room in my heart.

Heart of a Vinyl Lover by Slugbunny

Heart of a Vinyl Lover

Surrender to the sweet sound of original vinyl.

Heart of a Cherry Picker by Slugbunny

Heart of a Cherry Picker

This design was cherry-picked just for you.

Heart of a Dungeon Master by Slugbunny

Heart of a Dungeon Master

Roll for charisma… and machismo?

Gifts for Mom Mothers' Day collection by Slugbunny

Gifts for Mom 2016

Treat your mom to something special for Mothers’ Day!

Heart of a Gardener by Slugbunny

Heart of a Gardener

Love in bloom.

I, Borg by Slugbunny

I, Borg

So cute, you’ll want to assimilate.

Heart of a Tailor by Slugbunny

Heart of a Tailor

Sew much love.

Love Jam by Slugbunny

Love Jam

Canned love, just like mama used to make.

Catcus by Slugbunny


The purrfect friendship.

Horsing Around by Slugbunny

Horsing Around

No foal play here.

Hawkward by Slugbunny


Well gosh, this is hawkward.

Crafty by Slugbunny


To the scrapbooker, the scissors are mightier than the sword!

Emutionally Unstable by Slugbunny

Emutionally Unstable

I went to the zoo once. It was a very emutional experience.

Clouds by Slugbunny


Every cloud has a blue lining!

Pyramid Scheme by Slugbunny

Pyramid Scheme

Two crafty pyramids devise a plan to get rich quick.

Lighten Up by Slugbunny

Lighten Up

Some bright advice.

Snowman's Best Friends by Slugbunny

Snowman’s Best Friends

Some hungry bunnies attempt a game of “got your nose” with a friendly snowman.

Enfield by Slugbunny


The curious enfield checks out a nearby hummingbird.

If I Fits I Sits by Slugbunny

If I Fits I Sits

Don’t argue with cat logic. Just, don’t.

Nature banner design by Slugbunny

City of Port Coquitlam 2016 Banner Contest

I’d love your help in getting this design shown in my community!

Cyclone by Slugbunny


Get swept off your feet with this abstract cyclone.

#opusdailypractice artwork by Slugbunny

Opus Daily Practice 2016

This year I was pleased to participate in the Opus Daily Practice challenge. The goal: to practice creating art for 28 days in February.

Global Surveillance by Slugbunny

Global Surveillance

Global surveillance is truly a sight to behold.

Cthulhu by Slugbunny


Praise be our lord and saviour, Cthulhu.

Crazy Beluga by Slugbunny

Crazy Beluga

Crazy beluga in the deep blue sea, your eyes are wild and your tongue is free…

Snowturtle by Slugbunny


A turtle enjoys some winter fun with his new snowfriend.

Spew No Evil by Slugbunny

Spew No Evil

See no evil, hear no evil, spew no evil. That means you, broccoli. Buy it on Society6 or TeePublic. Save

This Is Unbearable by Slugbunny

This Is Unbearable

This bear can’t stand being in grizzly situations.

Candy Corny by Slugbunny

Candy Corny

That’s one corny joke.

Grey's Anatomy by Slugbunny

Grey’s Anatomy

Got an eye for typography? Well this typography has an eye for you.

Beast of Bladenboro by Slugbunny

Beast of Bladenboro

Vampire monster or not, the Beast of Bladenboro still abides by the creed of “If I fits, I sits”.

Jackalope by Slugbunny


Majestic and handsome, the jackalope is said to have a weakness for whiskey.

Roleplayer's Crest by Slugbunny

Roleplayer’s Crest

Finally, a crest for the RPG nerd at heart.

Sealife pattern by Slugbunny


Sea creatures of all shapes and sizes coexist in this aquatic pattern.

Sodapressing by Slugbunny


This soda bottle feels a little shaken up.

Gowrow idea sketches

Behind the Scenes: Gowrow

The Gowrow is so far my favourite creature from the Lovable Legends series. Aside from the overall character development, I’m extremely pleased with the background composition (something which…

Gowrow by Slugbunny


Considered to be a creepy cave dweller, the Gowrow seeks friendship with like-minded creatures.

Ogopogo by Slugbunny


The great Ogopogo can be found in the Okanagan Lake, as well as multiple souvenir stores. How does he do it?

Sasquatch by Slugbunny


Sasquatch may be seen lumbering around the West Coast, picking flowers and enjoying the cool breeze.

Chupacabra by Slugbunny


All the Chupacabra needed was a little affection to turn it from its bloodsucking ways.

One Year of Awesome by Slugbunny

Best Designs of 2015

One year ago today, I joined Society6 in the hopes that I would be able to bring my designs to a more accessible venue. Since becoming a contributor,…

Caterpillar by Slugbunny


The evolution of the caterpillar is a thing to be marvelled.

Never Trust an Atom by Slugbunny

Never Trust an Atom

Atoms make up everything. Those little jerks!

14 Ferret Diamond by Slugbunny

14 Ferret Diamond

This masked bandit will steal your jewellery… and your heart.

Neon Tiger by Slugbunny

Neon Tiger

A colourful beast inspired by “Neon Tiger” by the Killers.

Chinthrilla by Slugbunny


A thrill-seeking chinchilla takes to the skies!

Zombie Alpacalypse by Slugbunny

Zombie Alpacalypse

The only zombie that will eat your brains and then spit in your face.

Foxy by Slugbunny


A foxy fox to melt your heart.

Antler Lights by Slugbunny

Antler Lights

Let these antlers light your way.

Double Negative by Slugbunny

Double Negative

Two negatives make a positive in this photographer’s delight.